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Red Herring! "Mourinho" sent a clip from England to the United Army.


sbo168Jose Mourinho, manager of Manchester United, made a shock when sending clips to cheer on the United Army on the day Liverpool beat Reds in the battle.
Red Devils have beaten opponents forever as Liverpool with a 2-1 score in the English Premier League.
On March 10th, and on that day, Mourinho Head coaches Send a clip from the UK.
Come to the Army United team in the M150 Championships chips. sbo168 To cheer and bless good luck.
By Hassan Sunny, the goalkeeper of the Singaporean national team of the Kagetsu The video has said that.
"I wish Rm United succeed in the (M-150) Championships. sbo168 Including my friend Rui Simi, I am very happy with this season. "
For the United States, currently ranks 8th in the table, wins 1 tie 3 and loses 1, there are 6 points.

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