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Her diskuterer vi rikspolitikk.

Barcelona to use Lionel Messi to play Malaga to meet the newly born baby, resulting in the Colombian quarterback Erymina. sbobet asia Named to the team. Barcelona boss La Liga Spain announced that Lionel Messi striker is good. There will be no names in the attacking team visiting Malaga tonight on Saturday, March 10 due to personal reasons. This is due to the need to watch his wife's third child on Friday night ago.With the withdrawal of shooting stars, Argentina's Ernesto Balbrera coach "Barca" has put the name. The signing of the contract in January to come in the team to meet with Malaga.At this time, Barcelona is also a lion after the La Liga team after 27 shots, has 69 points, leaving Atletico Madrid second to eight points ever.sbobet asia

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