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AC Milan defender Leonardo Bonucci spoke about the challenge that his side face against Juventus and said: “We will have to play sbo168 a careful game and put into practice what we have tried several times in training. We need to be compact and make the perfect match. Juventus had sbo168 an excellent record when I was there. How do I feel about the game?, I am quite excited but this is normal. It will be quite different on the field. He added: “As a former Juventus player, I have to say that Juve-Milan matches are always great. I stay in touch with all of my sbo168 former team-mates and we remain friends. For the 90 minutes though, we will be opponents. During the 90 minutes, it will be a battle and it will be a great battle”. Milan have been struggling to recapture their form of the 2000’s during recent years and they will be hoping that Bonucci can help the club to rediscover itself.

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