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Giorgio Chiellini defender after Juventus "Zebra" used to break the Tottenham Hotspur 2-1, with the foot before the Vice Champions League. Gold pivot "cool but true experience.Giorgio Chiellini, the key defender of Juventus, the club of Serie A Serie A Italy believes that experience is a key factor that led his team to overtake Tottenham. The Hot Spurs Club of the English Premier League stage 2-1 in the UEFA Champions League Round of 16 last two matches at Wembley Stadium on Wednesday, March 7 past. Spurs took the lead in the 39th minute from the shot of Naughty-Mind, but Juve solved the game well in the second half. And two goals to turn the victory of González Ignacio in the 64th minute and Paolo D. 67 minutes into the "zebra" into the quarterfinals. With a score of 4-3. " At halftime, we told ourselves We need to calm down. Because we know that. Our chances are now to come to Tottenham. They are a great team, but I think they are a little bit short of being one of Europe's best teams. This may be a matter of experience. " "A few years ago, we were in the same spot with them. We reach the finals twice in the last three seasons. It helps us to be a better team. And they can handle the game better, wwwpic5678

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