Veritabel, virkelig, ekte, sann.

Maurizio Shetland Tottenham Hotspur manager Tottenham Hotspur Lucas Mura And then to be a real start in the league game. I also need to adjust to my teammates. Maurizio Shetlando manager Tottenham Hotspur believes that this time, Lucas Moura Moura technical wing of the Brazilian. Ready to get a chance to play a real game in the league. After moving from Paris Saint-Germain Last January Since moving to the gang. "Golden Sparrow Chicken" Mura has just started the game is only two. All this happened in the FA Cup Round 5 match against Rochdale (including a replay match). However, recent Sheppardo looked like a 25-year-old Samba star should be given the chance. Play more in the league. After the start of the work was satisfactory. "It is possible for him to get a chance in the rest of the season. It is true that he still has to adapt to the team. We are trying to add to his fitness. Compared to the Ashes, this place is completely different. In terms of standards, needs and philosophy " sbo666

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