Veritabel, virkelig, ekte, sann.

Arsene Wenger, Arsenal consultant. Man is the real man. Congratulations to Manchester City who won the Carabao Cup on Sunday. The disappointed director left. "Blues" have a second door. The rhythm is clear.Wayne Rooney, the manager of the Arsenal team in the English Premier League club congratulated Manchester City in the match to defeat the "cannon" 3-0 finals. Caraboo Cup at Wembley Stadium On Sunday, February 25th."The Gunners" have a chance to get the lead in the first 10 minutes, especially the pace. Pierre - Emeritus Obama hit the door, but the safe of Claudio O'Brien, the "blue sail" and then become the team's full Pep Guardiola. Scored three goals from Sergio Aguero, Vincenzo Gomani and David Silva.sbo666

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