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With Alexis Sanchez very close to completing his move to Manchester United, the Chilean has been roundly criticised by Martin Keown, with the former Arsenal and Leicester City defender labelling him the biggest mercenary in football.The criticism comes after he refused to sign a contract extension at the Emirates Stadium, where he hasn't always been the most positive influence in the dressing room."He's the sbobet777 biggest mercenary in football," Keown wrote in the Daily Mail. "Manchester City would have been the natural place for Sanchez to develop his football."He's worked with Pep Guardiola before, however for the Chilean now it's clear that it's not about going to the best team."Keown continued to criticise how Sanchez has sbobet777 conducted himself and found a conclusion as to why the forward was so desperate to move in January rather than waiting until the summer."He probably thought he wouldn't get a better offer if he waited until the summer," the Englishman intimated. "He took advantage of the best deal on offer now; it's all been for the money."For United, signing Alexis will deliver a blow to City, the signing will raise the level of their team, if we want a competitive league then City can't take the best players."sbobet777

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