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Penalties have been a value asset for Real Madrid in this ทางเข้า sbo season's Copa del Rey with two converted by Asensio and Lucas Vazquez against Fuenlabrado followed up further spot-kicks scored by Gareth Bale and Isco that saw them knock out Numancia.So far five Madrid players have scored from the penalty spot, compared to three - Ronaldo, Ramos and James last season - with Asensio, Lucas, Bale and Isco all having hit

the back of the net along with the official ทางเข้า sbo penalty taker, Ronaldo.It means they have four goals from penalties out of the total of six they have notched up in the tournament, with the other two having come in open play from Mayoral.The penalties have meant they are now well on course for a place in the cup quarter-finals which is more important this season due to Barcelona's lead in LaLiga. ทางเข้า sbo

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