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Of the ten best-paid Latinos in the entertainment industry in 2017, Argentinian Lionel Messi, Barcelona's star player, tops the list. Messi had earned 80 million dollars until last June, making him the highest paid footballer in the world. sbobet mobile With that figure, he also came in fourteenth position of the top 100 stars on the Forbes general list.In a distant second place (for Latinos) is the comedian Louis CK, with 52m.However, his earnings could be cut drastically after the artist lost contracts because of several women accusing him of sexual misconduct. The comedian was born in Washington DC but moved with his family to Mexico, where his father is from, and returned to the United States when he was seven years old.Next in the list is Colombian actress Sofia Vergara, with 41.5m. According to Forbes, most of her money comes from the commercials she makes for several brands sbobet mobile such as Pepsi. Vergara is still in the lead as the highest-paid actress on television in the United States. Only two women, Vergara and the actress and singer Jennifer Lopez, (in fifth place with 38m), appear in the list of the highest paid Latino celebrities in the world of entertainment.According to Forbes, that reflects the gender gap in the industry.In fourth place is the singer Bruno Mars with 39m, followed by Lopez and another football player, Neymar, with 37m.More than half of the figures on the list are professional athletes with only one basketball player among them; Carmelo Anthony in seventh place (32.5m).sbobet mobile

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