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The unfolding of the reason for Hathe Ben Arfa wing veteran form swipe to fall in the past. Miss Universe girlfriend said that the girls are dating back to dating a boyfriend who is a famous comedian. HAT BEN ARPHA Wings of Paris Saint-Germain Team rich of the French Ligue, poor performance this season. From the moment he hit the Iris Mittentre, the title of the Miss Universe 2016, until the form fell into a horrible. According to The Sun, the media in England.The 30-year-old has spent most of his time playing as a substitute for "pesche" It's been a while since I started dating Mitteln, the owner of the French beauty salon. Love this time to not dream when the 25-year-old woman broke up with Ben Arfa, and returned to Kev Adams, a comedian again. This is not just a news story, because Cheryl Coleman, the perfume magazine, has unveiled a picture of Mentor on the 26-year-old Adams. The famous comedian at the nightclub. After she celebrated her birthday with a girl friend in a Victorian restaurant. The source said: "Iris Mittentre came alone, one hit, she hit straight to Kev Adams immediately she grabbed his arm. And they spent the rest of that night together. " Ben Arfa will be out of contract. Saint-Germain This summer Previously he had news of the attention. "Fox" Leicester City and Brighton two teams in the English Premier League football season in January last season. But can not agree the details.sbobet online 24

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