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Her diskuterer vi rikspolitikk.

The countdown to the biggest match of Real Madrid's season has already begun and the Estadio Santiago Bernabeu is ready to play host to Los Blancos' first leg against Paris Saint-Germain.However, www.sbobet the clamour for tickets has seen resale tickets hit a value of 24,080 euros.This is the match which could save Los Blancos' season, whilst the whole legitimacy of the PSG project in a sense depends on their success in the Champions League.Both teams would have liked to have avoided each other this early as one of the giants of the competition will be eliminated, yet this simply adds to the spectacle. Such a match is inevitably going to garner interest and those fortunate enough to have season tickets will be there.In less than 37 minutes, the tickets available to the public on general sale were sold out so there are absolutely no official tickets left, www.sbobet however resale apps such as StubHub have already seen prices range from between 300 to 24,000 euros.

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