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ST. PAUL, Minn. - Just how long had it been since Niklas Backstrom Maurkice Pouncey Jersey shut out an opponent?"I don't even remember (the last one)," Minnesota Wild coach Jacques Lemaire said with a smile. "That's how long it's been."Backstrom's drought lasted more than five months, and the end couldn't have come at a better time for the stumbling Wild.Backstrom's first shutout since October and Marian Gaborik's 200th NHL goal helped the Wild snap a five-game losing streak with a 2-0 victory over the Los Angeles Kings on Saturday night.Backstrom made 24 saves for his first shutout since Oct. 10 against Edmonton, and Brian Rolston also scored for the Wild, who leapfrogged Colorado for first place in the Northwest Division."If we want to make the Ryan Shazier Jersey playoffs, that's the way it has to be," Backstrom said. "I have to be there and make the saves when the team needs that and help them so they don't have to score four or five goals every night."It's been 14 games since the Wild scored at least four goals, so they're going to need Backstrom to resume the form that made him the NHL's best goaltender last season.Saturday night was a start, Sean Davis Jersey and he got a little help from the newly bald Gaborik, who had his girlfriend shave his head after getting a bad haircut earlier in the day.Gaborik, who had James Harrison Jersey played a sloppy game for the first 56 minutes with two penalties and two turnovers in Minnesota's zone, sealed the much-needed win on an odd-man rush with four minutes to go.He snapped a wrist shot over Erik Ersberg's glove for a 2-0 lead, then received a standing ovation from the crowd when his milestone was announced.
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