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Her diskuterer vi rikspolitikk.
Apparently Barcelona, Real Madrid SBOBET and Manchester United are engaged in a three-way tug of war for want-a-way French Atletico Madrid striker Antoine Griezmann.
Griezmann signed a new deal to stay at Atletico Madrid last year in order to help the club push through their transfer ban. The player is now though reportedly unhappy with the way that he is being treated and feels that a move away might be the best deal.
ทางเข้า sbo It was obvious to all who were Atletico Madrid match at the weekend that the French striker was unhappy when his manager Diego Simeone subbed him out in the 80th minute and the match still tied 0-0. Despite the fact that Atletico went on to win the match it is thought that Griezmann now no longer sees his future in the red and white’s of Atletico.
Apparently each of the aforementioned clubs has made some sort of consideration on the behalf of the French striker. SBOBET Manchester United have left their beloved number 7 shirt open for the player. Real Madrid are reported to have made contact and are willing to break their gentleman’s agreement with Atletico in order to do so.

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